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Thinking about building a website for your business? Then this is for you. Whether you’ll be replacing an existing website or creating a completely new website for an altogether new venture, the same basic rules of the game apply.

You need a website strategy.

I’m going to take you through each step of the web design process and explain what you need to consider and why. I’ll include some helpful examples so you can see the concepts in action and use them to help you define your own Website Strategy.

You will learn:

  • how to define your business objectives specifically for the web
  • why its important to identify your target audience
  • that web design has very little to do with making things look pretty
  • how calls to action can make or break your business
  • what the differences are between a brand new website and a redesign
Plan your website and lead it to success with this free ebook

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Plan your website and lead it to success with this free ebook

About the author:

Stuart Starrs is CEO and Technical Director of Waqa Studios, a digital agency with a team spread over two continents. He finds great satisfaction in mixing design, technology and marketing strategy together to get results better than his clients had hoped for.

Waqa Studios has worked with thousands of small and medium businesses and has experience serving clients in almost every industry and in many countries.

The One Week Website is a program we offer this is created especially for independents (solopreneurs), small businesses and startups in which we rapidly build custom websites based on carefully considered strategy. The tips you'll find in this book are perfectly valid for all people and projects, but this guide has been designed for those who choose to work with us as part of our program so that you can understand the steps that we take and the thought processes that lead to our recommendations.