Waqa Studios started life in 2010 with our two founders Stuart and Annett, who together have many years of expertise in software engineering, marketing and graphic design.

Originally founded in Peru and working with local clients, things started growing quickly until we had clients from around the world – North America, South America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand in particular.

Lima. Peru, a wonderful location to start an agency


Old Moche civilization artwork

By 2013/14 we had grown to become a team of five and continued to work hard on delivering on our core mission – to develop strategies to connect businesses with their customers using design and technology.

We had also grown into what we did best – focusing on investigating and understanding our client’s pain points, then blending our suggestions with their business goals and their customers goals… delivering ROI, building brand engagement and creating long standing relationships.

As we grew we moved to our new offices in Miraflores, Lima. Here we had the space and resources we wanted to help plan out our solutions for clients… on massive wall-covering whiteboards that we just loved. And we finally had a office kitchen full of all kinds of goodies, which we also loved!

Lima office kitchen with treats


Gijón, Asturias, Spain

With the vast majority of our clients coming from the rest of the world, a physical base in any particular location wasn’t needed, and with the changing personal circumstances of our founders meaning that they needed to relocate (at least temporarily) to Spain, things were changed up.

This meant that for the first time we had a team that worked entirely remotely. In our particular fields and with the tools and processes we had implemented, this wasn’t difficult to do, and after a short period of adaptation things were going great.

What we do.

We help brands build digital experiences by combining strategy, design and technology.

We develop a creative strategy to connect businesses to their customers. We do this by leveraging research and investigation that leads to understanding, then we interweave business goals with end user goals. We do this while planning for measurable success, delivering ROI, building brand engagement and creating long standing relationships.

We use design as a means of creatively communicating brand values to a target audience. We help brands stand out with a visual language that both inspires and converts.

Our innovative use of technologies, both the solidly established and the cutting edge, transform ideas and strategy into real life tools that can be used to engage audiences and direct them towards tasks that help brands meet business goals.


As a team we gained our experience by working with a diverse set of clients – in a whole host of industries and from around the world. This has kept us innovative, open to discovering new ideas, and able to apply lessons learned from one project to another.

We’ve also collaborated with partners that have different specializations – other agencies, big and small, in a number of different countries. Again we’ve fed what we’ve learned from industry leaders back into our own processes.

Our small team of specialists work together to transform a set of requirements into creative solutions with an emphasis placed on achieving specific goals set with our clients.


A holistic approach gets results. Creative work implemented badly – or technical perfection that turns clients away with its bad looks – occurs through a lack of coordination.

It’s no good hiring a web designer to build your site, nor is it wise to hire a programmer to design it. And you can’t rely on a jack-of-all-trades to be up to speed on all aspects of both jobs! That’s why the team that works on your project will include a dedicated graphic designer, a dedicated web developer and a dedicated marketer.