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Your visual identity defines who you are and what you stand for in the eyes of customers. Their first contact with your business may come in the form of your branding. What do you want them to think when they see it?

For a new business, establishing a visual identity may well make-or-break your business or its products. For an existing business, a relaunch may have massive payoffs and allow you to target new market segments.

Modern iconographic web design

We developed stunning branding for an Australian medical startup that was highly targeted towards a specific market segment. We went on to design and develop a website that met the aim of attracting clients and directing them to the treatment that suited them best.

Find out how we used a blend of colors, photography and iconography to develop a unique brand, then how we applied this to a website that solved our client’s needs and those of their clients.

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What's involved?

Our branding services can include a mix of any of the following. Which you’ll need, or which we’d recommend, will depend on a your specific circumstances. We’ll work with you to analyse your business, document its goals and define its target market during a discovery process that will determine what services you’ll need.


We’ll establish what your product, service or business should be called to appeal to your audience.

Color Palette.

Which colors best represent your business and project the right thoughts and feelings into the minds of customers.


Memorable symbols, texts and shapes we’ll find to distinguish your business from others and establish a connection with those that see it.


How will fonts be used to display text in a readable but visually engaging way the conveys the right emotions.


We’ll create a document that will live with your business forever that anyone can follow to maintain a consistent look across all communications.

Tone of Voice.

Designing copy to speak to clients in a way they understand and can relate to. We’ll provide a template to follow.

Retail Packaging.

Physical product packaging designed to stand out among competing products.

Social media templates.

Written and graphical templates and guidelines tailored to specific platforms.

Print Collateral.

From traditional print media to business cards, for when digital is just one aspect of what you do.

This non-profit needed to establish a brand that wasn’t stuffy or formal, but instead appealed to a younger academic and professional audience, the types of people the foundation want to get involved in their projects.

Read about how we went about branding KFF and what we needed to consider in order to create their bright dynamic look and iconography set.

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Bright website design with interesting navigation solution using the hero area

Success Stories.

Our success is measured by our clients’ success.

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