In an industry so overcrowded with competition, you’ll often find it’s hard to set yourself apart.

Whether you’re an established clinic, an R&D focused laboratory, or a pharmaceutical startup, we’ll build a brand that avoids the common pitfalls and create a website that follows a strategy we’ll develop in partnership.

Medical web design and branding experts.

Why are we such a good fit?

A) Patient Acquisition.

This approach is for clinics who want to attract new clients. As experts in branding and in web strategies we’ll develop an approach that mixes sales with empathy. What does this mean? Well, in order to attract clients and turn them into patients we need to do certain things.

First, we need to make a typical proposition, that in exchange for a payment a need will be satisfied. In making this proposition we explain – whether directly through a website, social media presence, advertising campaigns, or indirectly with a brand strategy – that you are the best placed to solve this problem, to satisfy this need.

Second, we need to communicate our proposition empathically. We’re not selling the latest gadget, we’re selling… perhaps… botox, root canals, cancer treatments – things that will span a range of emotions from just worrying, to scary to devastatingly stressful. Communicating how you can help in a human way is key to having clients choose you.

B) Communicating Science.

This approach is for laboratories, medical firms, research teams or pharma companies. A major part of any branding strategy or website strategy is to identify your target audience and what your goals are relating to that audience. Are we selling services or materials to end-user practitioners, or are we building a marketing resource of information about new pharmaceutical products?

Our audience may be a mix of scientifically literate individuals and of complete lay people. So if we’re documenting new research for shareholders, we need to communicate complex science simply in a way that anyone can understand. Importantly, we need to communicate it in a way that satisfies a financial goal we have, something all too often overlooked by someone whose focus is on the science. Likewise, if we’re instead selling outsourced laboratory services, we need to communicate the science in a way that doesn’t overpower a sales focus on why you are the best choice and why practices should outsource to you.

Avoid Failure by taking a Strategic Approach.

A simple placeholder on the web that pops up in a search but does nothing other than say that you exist is not going to grow your business.

We’re experienced in creating custom solutions for businesses in the medical industry. We develop brand strategies that target your audience and we develop website strategies that turn visitors into customers. We even combine these into an all-encompassing digital strategy. We create roadmaps to success.

What we’ll do:

1. Business Analysis and audience Personas.

Every patient-facing medical practice is different. Non-patient facing medical firms are even more so. Different markets, different goals, different audiences to understand. We’ll turn your business inside out looking for problems to solve and things to do better. We’ll then recommend how to proceed.

2. Brand Strategy.

The very first thing anyone sees when they interact with any business is its branding. It automatically places a business behind or ahead of competitors in the client’s mind before even a word is said. Creating a brand and deciding how to use it is called a brand strategy. Good branding is essential, and we’re experts.

3. Written Content, copywriting.

In the medical industry, communication is key. We’ll work with science-heavy content to keep it easy to understand for all. We’ll help you go beyond the science by also communicating your values, skills and experience to your customers, explaining your services in a captivating way and an empathetic way.

4. Photography and Videography.

Medicine can often deal with unpleasant things we might rather not see, so it’s important to sell people on the results of treatments rather than on the conditions or the process. We’re experienced at using photos and videos in this way. For a practice, we can coordinate with a team that’s local to you to create professional grade videos and photos of your premises.

5. Website Design and Development.

It’s not enough for a website to just look good. We need to structure the pages and even the content on pages themselves to take visitors on a journey that ends with them contacting you. This is part of our Website Strategy. With everything set for positive results, we then develop with security, speed, SEO, mobile devices and ease of management in mind.

6. Launch Strategy, Initial Promotion.

Before we launch we also have to plan. Replacing an existing website is something that has to be planned correctly to make sure nothing goes wrong. Launching a brand new website is something that should be planned correctly to make sure everything goes as right as it possibly can!

Website for biopharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical website design


A biopharma spinoff specializing in state of the art gene and cellular therapies needed a web presence before a big launch event for investors at JP Morgan. With an audience mix of clinical partners for trials and investors wanting to see the progress of their R&D projects, Precigen required a website to be able to deliver this information.

Waqa Studios developed a solution that let Precigen display a research progress pipeline graphically and in a way that was very easy to update, helping them keep investors up to date on research as soon as milestones were met.

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While the number of medicinal cannabis prescriptions continues to rise, medical doctors from Melbourne founded MediCannabis, a private clinic specialising in cannabis-based treatments. Requesting a brand strategy that would help them avoid some of the cannabis-related cliches, but without completely abandoning the familiar cannabis leaf shapes and colors, Waqa Studios struck a perfect balance.

We delivered branding that allows patients to immediately identify the clinic’s purpose and launched a website that directs patients to treatments based on specific conditions, a technique particularly useful for pulling in visitors from search engines.

Work with us Case Study

Website for medical startup

IV Infusion Clinic

The striking branding we delivered for this fashionable Australian IV Clinic was targeted at a specific market of executives, athletes and socialites. With a growing buzz in the media around the benefits of intravenous treatments, IV Infusion clinic was founded by Melbourne medical professionals. We developed a web strategy that attracted clients and directed them to the treatment that most suited them.

We used colors, shading, photos and unique iconography to develop a brand that really stands out. We applied these elements to a website that succeeded in our to drive customers to the clinic and have patients pre-informed before their appointments.

Ask us how Case Study

Waqa Studios helped us by developing a brand strategy and a website strategy. They then produced the resulting brand materials, then developed and launched our new website. Their work has already produced excellent results starting from the day our website launched.

Our company, MediCannabis, provides a service in what is still a new market in Australia. We have challenges related to how to distinguish a medical practice from all the unrelated content surrounding cannabis already on the Internet.

Furthermore, we provide a medical service, which in itself is a very challenging industry to present in a manner that is pleasant since the focus of our content itemises illnesses. Waqa Studios made the effort to gain a true sense of these challenges and how to tackle them effectively. They conducted research and explained their thought process on why they made their recommendations. They are communicative and there is always feedback on specifics throughout the strategy and building process. Colours, identity, photo selection, layout, website structure and navigational flow were all among the items worked on to produce the resulting brand and website. All this is hugely beneficial for us.

They built a user-focused website that enables patients to find specifically what they need when searching online for doctors to help them with their health condition. Once arriving on the website the patient experiences a sense of hope, relief, and happiness from the branding. They can see information on treatments available specific to them, and the flow of the experience makes it easy for patients to book an appointment from the website, and this is integrated with our clinical booking system. Waqa Studios consider all these factors and are a pleasure to work with.

David H.
Executive Director, MediCannabis


Connecting psychologists with patients via online 1:1 sessions, Filium is a platform born out of winning a competitive process for best startup concept, with seed capital as the prize.

Waqa Studios developed branding for Filium that would avoid typical psychology cliches while also referencing the international symbol for psychology, the greek letter psi (Ψ). We added concepts such as organic growth and calming colors and curves to the mix. The result is a beautiful isotype that is human-focused without being “clinical” and an overall brand that doesn’t drive patients away for the same reason, a big concern for the client that we implemented into a successful brand strategy.

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We understand that ultimately, what you really need is to:

Communicate medical concepts that are easy to understand

Keep things pleasant when dealing with health conditions

Set yourself apart, don't blend in with the competition

Turn website visitors into customers

Start a 15-minute discovery consultation.

Speak to an expertBrand strategies and website strategies can be tricky to develop in the healthcare industry. You can sometimes talk about the benefits treatment brings, but you often have to talk about unpleasant subjects too. Biological sciences on the other hand can be technical and it’s important to determine your audiences for the best approach.

Let’s discuss the issues you’re facing and work out how to deal with them. There’s no cost for this consultation, we’re happy to offer you this first step.

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