Your logo says a lot about you.

As a small business, when a client sees you for a first time, you’ll want to look the part. Solid, established, professional. This is how you need to come across to make the right impression.

The nature of most business models today also means that you are unlikely to be able to sell your product or service on the first try. Instead, you’ll need to have more than one contact with the client before they can be persuaded. They’ll need to be able to remember you and differentiate you from the competition. This is where branding comes in.

Bright modern web design, strong branding, iconography design

We developed stunning branding for an Australian medical startup that was highly targeted towards a specific market segment. We went on to design and develop a website that met the aim of attracting clients and directing them to the treatment that suited them best.

Find out how we used a blend of colors, photography and iconography to develop a unique brand, then how we applied this to a website that solved our client’s needs and those of their clients.

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A website is more than just a pretty face.

Building a website to look beautiful is not what you should be focusing on. Looking good is a byproduct of the overall process going well and with the website strategy devoting enough time and attention to branding and aesthetics. Looking good should be a given. But the main focus should be on building a website that gets results.

Whatever your objectives – whether it is to make sales, to get people to contact you, to present information clearly – your principal goal should be to have a website that does just that. Developing a website strategy is what we do best.

This non-profit needed to establish a brand that wasn’t stuffy or formal, but instead appealed to a younger academic and professional audience, the types of people the foundation want to get involved in their projects.

Read about how we went about branding KFF and what we needed to consider in order to create their bright dynamic look and iconography set.

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Web design with interest use of hero area for navigation

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