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We analyse your business model and the market to create the best name to represent who you are, what you do and that connects with your target audience.

Visual Identity.

Differentiation and memorability are the focus as we develop the main visual components of your brand – your logo, color palette and typography.

Tone of Voice and Verbal Identity.

We find the best way for you to communicate with your clients with the most appropriate levels of formality and a writing style, as well as defining specific phraseology.

Corporate Identity Manual.

We define the rules to follow to use your branding is a consistent way throughout the entirety of your business, whether online, offline or both. This consistency is key to establishing your brand.

Web Design and branding on platforms.

We take your branding and apply it to a website layout as part of an inclusive goal-focused website strategy. We also apply your branding to other digital platforms where you’ll maintain a presence.

Print Design and Packaging.

From traditional print media to business cards, for when digital is just one aspect of what you do. Grab the consumer’s attention with labelling that pops.

Website Design, Unique Hero area and navigation ideas

This non-profit needed to establish a brand that wasn’t stuffy or formal, but instead appealed to a younger academic and professional audience, the types of people the foundation want to get involved in their projects.

Read about how we went about branding KFF and what we needed to consider in order to create their bright dynamic look and iconography set.

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Success Stories.

Our success is measured by our clients’ success.

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Branding & Identity
Startup Branding & Identity

Your branding defines who you are, what you do and what you represent. It sets you apart from the competition and should tell people at a glance why you're better. We'll engage with you through a discovery process to understand your business, its goals and its target audience. We'll then map out a brand strategy that gives you with a visual identity to show to the world.

Who is this for?

For a new business to make the right impression on its target market. Or even an existing business that understands the importance of image and first impressions when rebranding.

Logo & Website
ESSENTIAL Logo & Website

The bare minimum a business with limited resources needs is the foundation of a brand and a website that lets clients find and make contact with them. Work with us to create both the perfect presence that makes the right impression and a website that is designed around specific needs your business has. We design websites for getting results, not just for looks.

Who is this for?

The perfect solution for new a business that just needs to be found online and look professional, the bare minimum to get started and a foundation to build upon later.