We use carefully planned website strategies to bring nonprofits closer to their goals with a website that does more that just look great. We’ll help you define your short term, medium term and long term online strategies to ensure sustainable funding, frequent donations, audience engagement and cause awareness.

For registered 501(c)(3) organizations or charities, we offer significant pricing reductions to make sure you’re able to work with experts no matter your budget. As a nonprofit web design agency and nonprofit branding agency, we’re best positioned to see you succeed on a small budget.

What makes us different?

Anyone can build a website. The real trick is developing the strategy behind it and around it that makes it a worthwhile investment rather than an expense.

This is doubly important for a nonprofit. Time, effort and money spent on marketing materials like your website or your branding and not directly on your cause is a big deal. We’ll only work with you if we assess that our services will deliver value for money and that there’s a clear path to a return on investment.

And we’re not going to tell you that a pretty website will magically attract donors or solve problems. We don’t want to develop branding that doesn’t represent who you are and what you do in a way that captures people’s attention and imagination.

What makes us different is that we want to work with you to understand everything about you – your team, your stakeholders, your funders, your wider audience and your cause. With this information we can help you define goals and build you a roadmap. If this means we’re forced to ignore your instructions and instead recommend a better approach, then so be it. We’re polite, but we’re not shy.

Together, let's take a Strategic Approach.

By first defining your goals we’ll understand what you need to do. A simple placeholder on the web isn’t going to do anything for your cause. We need to do more.

We specialize in devising individual solutions for every nonprofit we work with. This might mean developing a branding strategy or a website strategy. It might mean implementing a donation strategy or an all-encompassing digital strategy and following this specific roadmap to success.

What we’ll do:

1. Org. Analysis and creating Personas.

Every nonprofit is different, with different goals and different problems to solve. We’ll help you uncover any pain-points you haven’t yet found, develop a better understanding of your audience by creating personas, then make recommendations on how you should proceed.

2. Brand Development.

Positioning your nonprofit with good branding, as well as working out a strategic approach to how to use that branding, is as important for a nonprofit as it is for a business. How you are perceived – and so what you can then achieve – is affected by your branding. We’ll create a brand to act as a foundation for you going forward.

3. Written Content Development.

How you communicate with website visitors and how you transmit your values, impact, experience – and even just explaining your mission in a captivating way – doesn’t come easily to everyone. We can create your website content for you, making sure it’s straightforward, easy to read and convincing.

4. Photography and Videography.

Depending on the nonprofit you run and your goals, imagery can be key. Our donation strategies in particular depend on having quality imagery – if this is something you’re struggling with, we’ll coordinate with a team that’s local to you to create professional grade videos and photos.

5. Website Design and Development.

It’s not enough for a website to just look good. We need to structure the pages and even the content on pages themselves to take visitors on a journey that ends with them donating, joining the cause, etc. How we plan for this to happen is part of our Website Strategy. Afterwards we develop with security, speed, SEO, mobile devices and ease of management in mind.

6. Launch Strategy then what comes next.

Before we launch we also have to plan. Replacing an existing website is something that has to be planned correctly to make sure nothing goes wrong. Launching a brand new website is something that should be planned correctly to make sure everything goes as right as it possibly can!

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ChIPs has the goal of connecting women in the areas of technology, law and policy, supporting their advancement in typically male-dominated positions. We rebuilt and relaunched their dated website from the ground up, tackling the problem of distributing large amounts of information to different segments of their audience. 

Make your own impact

Our organization had outgrown our existing website, which was clunky and stale. To put it politely it was in desperate need of an overhaul.

As a rapidly growing non-profit, the number one priority for our website was scalability. Our team is very small, so the ability to update our site with the least amount of effort was a must. Almost equally important was the need to create an improved user experience.

A perfect mix of approachable designers and developers, the Waqa Studios’ team understood our needs and translated them into a beautifully designed website.  We are thrilled to have a website that represents who we are as an organization and is now proudly shared with our members.  Working with Waqa Studios was a pleasure and we would not hesitate to recommend them for website design and development.

Karen Royer
Executive Director, ChIPs

This non-profit needed help with creating a brand that wasn’t like that of other foundations. It had to appeal to a new generation of young academics and professionals, the kinds of people that KFF wanted to join with them and to get involved with their core concerns.

Find out how we went about this branding process and what we had to keep in mind to create a bright dynamic look and an intriguing iconography set.

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A nonprofit agency partner.

We help 501(c)(3) organizations (in the US), and other similar nonprofit or charitable entities worldwide, as a strategic partner. We create effective strategies that communicate missions, build a following of supporters and/or increases donations.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

We'll undertake a discovery phase with you to establish your pain-points then understand and plan out your objectives and how to achieve them.


As important for nonprofits as for commercial businesses, we'll build a brand that inspires trust and emcompasses who you are.

Web Design & Development
Web Design & Development

Your website exists to help achieve your objectives. It's part of your branding, making you look the part, but it should also allow for measurable benefits.

We know that ultimately, what you really need is to:

Tell people what you do and why effectively

Develop revenue stability with donation strategies

Spread a message because even awareness helps

Make sure that marketing expenses are thoughtfully invested

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