Our custom Shopify solution.

We’ll let Shopify provide the backend infrastructure so we can concentrate on building a custom interface for your clients. 

From Shopify

  • Industry-leading security handled entirely on your behalf.
  • 24/7 technical support – no need for your own technical team.
  • Manage taxes, shipping and currencies.
  • Create products, galleries and manage stock.
  • Sell on Amazon, Facebook and others.

From Waqa Studios

  • Identify target market and design interface accordingly.
  • Design a custom theme around your business’s brand.
  • Create layouts for pages that direct customers to profit centers.
  • Integrate tools like reviews or set up custom functionality.
  • Tie your Shopify site into a broader digital strategy.

Design with a plan.

When building an ecommerce website we follow the same process as with any other web project. It all starts with strategy.

We don’t just design websites to look good. We design them in a way that makes them usable, accessible and drives visitors towards performing actions that help meet your business goals. In this case, we want to sell more products.

Identify your target market.

Understand who your ecommerce customers are and what they’ll be looking for.

Define your goals.

Do you want to focus on core products, introduce new ones or grab attention with one and then up-sell?

Make it easy.

No-one wants to fight an interface. Products must be easy to find and the website easy to navigate.

Make it relevant.

Taxes and currencies might change across regions, let your customers choose.

Our custom theme for Milly & Co. was designed to highlight key pieces that were representative of a new producer’s work. Next we focused attention on the most popular products of the most popular categories to drive sales.

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