Whether you remodel homes, design them or build them – we use portfolio-based website strategies to drive new leads to your business. When your past projects are a deciding factor for potential clients when choosing whether to work with you or to work with a competitor, it pays to invest in developing a process to lead them through key and relevant examples of past work, ending in a push to have them make contact so you can close the deal.

Our homebuilder web design strategies are tailored to your business and market. We’ll work together to create a bespoke process that works for you. The first step is on the house. Scroll down to start a 15-minute discovery consultation.

What makes us different?

We’re not here to tell you that a pretty website will magically find you clients. And we’re not here to design something generic and send you off into the great unknown to fail. We won’t be interested in developing a brand for you that’s just OK.

What makes us different is that we work with you to understand your business, your broader market, your competitors and your customers’ profiles. If this means we’re forced to ignore your instructions and instead recommend a better approach, then so be it. We’re polite, but we’re not shy.

We prefer to take on clients who are starting either the initial branding stage (as a new company) or that are rebranding (as a company looking to revitalize itself), but even if you won’t be, we’re able to work with you to give you our honest analysis of your existing brand strategy before we decide to work together.

Avoid Failure with a Strategic Approach.

A mere brochure website, a placeholder on the web, is not going to do anything to support or grow your business.

We specialize in creating individualized solutions for construction industry businesses. This means developing a brand strategy, a website strategy or an all-encompassing digital strategy and following this specific roadmap to success.

What we’ll do:

1. Business Analysis and audience Personas.

Every business is different, operates in a different market and has different goals. We’ll help you uncover any pain-points you haven’t yet found, develop a better understanding of your customers by creating personas, then make recommendations on how you should proceed.

2. Brand Development.

Positioning your business with good branding – and a strategic approach to using that branding – is a process where you are literally choosing whether to start out ahead or behind your competitors. We’ll create a brand to act as a foundation for your business going forward. Choose to have an advantage.

3. Written Content Development.

How you communicate with your customers and how you transmit your values, skills, experience – and even just explaining your services in a captivating way – doesn’t come easily to everyone. We can create your website content for you, making sure it’s straightforward, easy to read and convincing.

4. Photography and Videography.

You create works of art on a grand scale. Being able to show off this art is key to turning website visitors into paying customers. Our portfolio strategies depend on having quality imagery – if this is something you’re struggling with, we’ll coordinate with a team that’s local to you to create professional grade videos and photos.

5. Website Design and Development.

It’s not enough for a website to just look good. We need to structure the pages and even the content on pages themselves to take visitors on a journey that ends with them contacting you. How we plan for this to happen is part of our Website Strategy. With everything set for positive results, we then develop with security, speed, SEO, mobile devices and ease of management in mind.

6. Launch Strategy, Initial Promotion.

Before we launch we also have to plan. Replacing an existing website is something that has to be planned correctly to make sure nothing goes wrong. Launching a brand new website is something that should be planned correctly to make sure everything goes as right as it possibly can!

MSK Design Build

MSK Design Build is a design and build contracting company in the East Bay area of northern California. Tasked with rebuilding an outdated, underperforming and difficult to administer website, Waqa Studios completely restructured and rebuilt it as an advanced custom WordPress website with a new portfolio-focused structure.

Find out how we used this portfolio-focused structure to create paths through their designs leading in an increase in the number of leads MSK Design Build receives. Our homebuilder web design strategies work for contractors, architects and construction experts.

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Alyse Z.
Alyse Z.
Review from Yelp
Our experience could not have been better

They went above and beyond our expectations resulting in a website that separates our business from the rest of the industry.

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Trevor & Dillon
Review from Sortlist
Worked almost too well!

We had too many inquiries to handle and actually wanted to stop it for a while!

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Build Urban

Property developers and contractors Build Urban design and build environmentally sustainable homes. They needed to transmit their personality – edgy and urban – with green materials and green living at the core.

Waqa Studios developed branding that matched their modern designs and values, then designed a website that leveraged their prior builds in upscale Seattle neighborhoods to draw further attention to new builds. We drove clients looking for homebuilders to view and buy designer homes already on the market, and buyers who missed their opportunity towards homes under construction.

Ask us how

We know that ultimately, what you really need is to:

Get more leads, consistently

Get qualified leads, not tire-kickers

Stand out from the competition

Get the attention of customers

Find profitable projects

Start a 15-minute discovery consultation.

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Claim Online Presence
Reputation Claim Online Presence

Take control of where and how your business appears on the web by claiming ownership of profiles and listings on platforms your customers trust and use to find businesses just like yours. Get listed correctly on Google Maps, have your opening times and contact details appear directly in search results, manage and respond to reviews and comments from customers.

Who is this for?

A solution for businesses who want customers to find them quickly and easily using tools they already have, and for the information listed to be correct and useful, reflecting well on your business.

Logo & Website
ESSENTIAL Logo & Website

The bare minimum a business with limited resources needs is the foundation of a brand and a website that lets clients find and make contact with them. Work with us to create both the perfect presence that makes the right impression and a website that is designed around specific needs your business has. We design websites for getting results, not just for looks.

Who is this for?

The perfect solution for new a business that just needs to be found online and look professional, the bare minimum to get started and a foundation to build upon later.