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Waqa Studios was founded in 2010 in Lima, capital city of the South American nation of Peru, with a desire to offer high quality digital services locally and around the world. Since then we have grown year on year and have been lucky enough to work with many wonderful customers.

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Our Mission

A design, development and marketing company based in Latin America with long experience in the development of online and offline projects. We provide offshore services and creative solutions with attractive cost advantages. We work with customers in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and of course in South America.

The Name

A waqa (huaca en español) was a revered holy site, either man-made or natural, in the Andean world. Waqa Studios treats each project with the same reverence as the indigenous treated theirs.

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Our approach is one of commitment. From developing your brand, to putting it online, to delivering it to the screens of your clients we employ dedication, professionalism, quality, originality and creativity. Our team is committed to every project putting the needs of our customers first.


A holistic approach gets results. Creative work implemented badly or technical perfection that turns clients away with its bad looks occurs through a lack of co-ordination.

It’s no good hiring a web designer to build your site, nor is it wise to hire a programmer to design it. And you can't rely on a jack-of-all-trades to be up to speed on all aspects of both jobs!

That’s why the team that works on your project will include a dedicated graphic designer, a dedicated web developer and a dedicated marketer.

"Thanks to all the team who worked on my site, a great design well implemented is the key to its success" - You

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