Aesthetic Climbing Gym is among the best indoor rock climbing and bouldering centers in Southern California. The owners tasked Waqa Studios with developing and implementing a strategy for a new website that would increase the uptake of new memberships. We implemented a strategy that did just that.

Website Strategy.

Aesthetic Climbing Gym (AGC) needed a way to increase interest for new memberships via their website. Though people were able to find information about the center online, ACG needed a way to get them to follow through and make some form of initial contact or commitment.

We developed a strategy based around an initial free introduction to climbing. Visitors who arrived at the website after a search – either because of an interest in climbing or a desire to book time for a group or a party – are immediately, and then repeatedly, offered the opportunity to book a specific time for a free introduction to the center and/or to climbing generally.


The trade-off for ACG is that the visitor is committed to a date and time. They’ll show up – and so while a potential client is able to get a feel for ACG and are actively considering joining, the ACG team is present during the decision making process able to answer questions as they arise and work to convince the potential client to make a positive decision.

The gym’s branding was expanded from just a logo to a fuller set of colors and fonts during the web design stage.


We call the resulting document a web style guide and it can be used as a reference whenever new digital material is created.


The website is a useful point of call for existing gym members, particularly now that we’ve added some integration between areas like the blog section of the website and Facebook, as well as linking from Facebook to key areas of the website such as event booking. Doing this serves as a reminder to members, who are particularly active on Facebook, that the website exists, moving some client interaction away from Facebook and towards a platform ACG control themselves.

Where ACG saw the best results was with interest from new potential members. The free introduction to climbing strategy worked amazingly and resulted in hundreds of additional inquiries, more than the team could initially handle.

It worked almost too well and we had too many inquiries to handle and actually wanted to stop it for a while!

Trevor and Dillon
Founders, Aesthetic Climbing Gym, California.

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