Providing capital for underserved communities aspiring to homeownership, Capital Plus Financial tasked Waqa Studios with creating a brand that would appeal principally to their majority-hispanic clients in Texas.

Branding for a specific market segment.

Targeting the hispanic community in southern Texas, who principally have ties with neighboring Mexico, we wanted to develop a bright and attractive color scheme while also maintaining a feeling of the seriousness of a financial entity.

CPF logo and branding


Example of branding applied to throw pillow

Taking our cue from the bright colors found in Mexican traditional culture, from many regions, we found our bright supporting colors. We settled on a solid blue representing stability and strength for use in the main logo where “Capital Plus Financial” appears and as a primary color throughout the brand.

Branding applied to business cards

Bilingual Website Strategy.

This website was developed so that both English and Spanish versions of the content would be available. Switching between languages is quick and easy, and for the website administrator, creating content in both languages is also problem free.


The aim of the website is to provide information to potential homeowners looking to find an affordable mortgage. As such the focus is on explaining what Capital Plus Financial is and does, what services are offered and then directing people to call.

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