Chia Sport is the initiative of a South American chia producer to establish retail products for export to the North American market, as well as locally. Our client needed to compete on the shelves with big multinational established sports drinks brands and Waqa Studios was tasked with creating branding and packaging that would make them stand out.

Emphasising the Unique Selling Proposition.

All sports drinks, including the big competitor’s products, help athletes to replenish perspired water, replace lost electrolytes and provide a quick energy source. But these brands aren’t considered healthy. Loaded with additional fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, this chia seed “superfood”-based sports drink can be considered a healthier choice.


In order to emphasys the popular superfood content, the word “Chia” was made to be very prominent and highly visible white-on-black, making it the first thing that is seen when displayed on supermarket shelves.

Distinctiveness and Differentiation.

The colorful cartoonish designs of competing sports drinks are directed towards a younger audience who take part in sports, but there is a large and increasing market segment of adults who regularly take part in athletic and fitness pursuits. This market segment was found to be more interested in their sports drinks being something more than just sugar.


To stand out among the other sports drinks, Waqa Studios designed the packaging to be their polar opposite. While still colorful, with each flavor given a related color, the stark black background of the label was a major reason why consumers noticed this new product. Comments included it feeling more premium, more grown-up and more serious.

We’re a small exporter but we have begun launching value-added commercial products based on our raw export, chia. Entering several markets in different countries as a direct competitor to large established multinationals is no small task, but Waqa Studios provided the means to help set us apart and show why and how our products are different to theirs. The team at Waqa Studios listened to what we needed and asked all the right questions, which stood out. Their creativity and ability to understand what we needed rather than what we asked for is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or work with them again.

Moisés F.
Marketing Director, Sierra y Selva Exportadora

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