Collective Investing is a real estate investment firm that serves those working in the tech industry who are looking for passive investment opportunities but lacking the time to find or manage these themselves. Founded by two female software engineer entrepreneurs with real estate experience, they contacted Waqa Studios with a need for brand development and a web presence that would be able to emphasize their data-driven approach that is innovative to this space.

Branding for a tech audience.

Collective Investing needed to emphasise their data driven and highly technical approach to the syndicated real estate investment niche they were targeting. This would be particularly appreciated by their target market of busy professionals that were missing out on investment opportunities in multifamily housing because of its extremely onerous research and management requirements.

Color Palette and Logo.

To reach this audience a modern, dynamic and overall young look would be key in attracting and retaining interest with the target audience.

With this in mind we developed a bright color palette featuring bright blues, purples and gradients of the two.

These modern colors would appear to all genders and are associated with the tech space and are not overused.

Color palette


Logo variations for retail investing company

Next we needed to develop a logomark that could symbolically merge the concept of data-driven decision making, investment and real estate, all while tying this in to the young and tech savvy audience’s expectations.

Our resulting logomark emphasised multifamily housing and real estate with the blocks themselves. It incorporated the concept of collectively pooling resources of investors with one of the block’s contents and return on investment with the other.

Collective Investing’s branding was applied to a number of types of marketing materials. While it was principally designed for a digital medium it was versatile enough to be applied to printed materials too.

Business Cards as using Collective Investing branding


Collective investing website icons

Collective Investing asked us to develop iconography for their business, similar to that of two other clients, Kacyra Family Foundation and IV Infusion Clinic. Using the visual style of the logomark, we created additional icons later used on their website.

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