Intravenous treatments are increasingly popular with high-flying professionals, athletes and socialites as a means of staying healthy when under pressure. IV Infusion Clinic, a startup by medical professionals in Australia, tasked Waqa Studios with developing their branding and creating a web presence to attract clients.

IV Infusion Clinic Logotype

Branding and setting IV Infusion Clinic apart.

With a target audience of professionals and even socialites with whom therapeutic IV treatment has become increasingly fashionable, it was important that the branding looked premium and also reflected the serious nature of the medical professional’s backing that the new company has.

IV Infusion Clinic logo icon


IV Infusion Clinic business cards

Use of bright modern colors and gradients overlaying carefully considered photography created a look and feel that was young and energetic, appealing to the target audience. The chosen colors however also match those typically associated with the medical field, tying in the bright design to concepts of medical professionalism.

IV Infusion Clinic Posters

Website Strategy.

The aim was to inform website visitors about IV treatments in general and about how the clinic in particular operates. Some visitors will know about and be seeking IV treatments and will arrive at the website from a related search. Others may not have, or have only heard about the concept briefly in the media.

The clinic wanted to provide a catalog of the different IV and IM infusions and shots that have been carefully crafted by their doctors along with their specific benefits and make those easy to find.

The branding was expanded so that each infusion had its own icon that tied into the main logo, and all the treatments were displayed prominently in a grid on the homepage. These provoked a great response from the initial test audiences…

“Sweet colour scheme, it conveys a great mood.  All the different circular logo designs are cool enough to be on t shirts or part of a videogame!”

IV Infusion Clinic Therapeutic IV treatment Icons

These guys are great, really they are. I have a technology background and I gave them a hard time just to be sure they are up-to-scratch. Truth is, I work on A LOT of projects, and I work with LOTS of people, and when it comes to design or development these guys are the right choice. Mostly for the sheer quality of communication and understanding. They just get me. And, for a busy person such as myself, that’s just bliss.

David Habibi
General Manager, Pro Wellness Health Centre, Australia.

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