Ben Kacyra has become known for the CyArk Project and for his use of state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to preserve cultural heritage sites and reveal details never seen before. Interested in expanding his reach to other humanitarian, cultural and scientific endeavors, particularly in heritage, education, medical research and human energy, Ben Kacyra formed the Kacyra Family Foundation (KFF).

Branding to stand out.

KFF wanted a modern and energetic brand to stand out among what they describe as more stale and formal non-profit foundations. With an interest in science, the future and a hope to bring younger professionals and academics onboard with its various projects, the branding needed to appeal to this demographic in particular.

Sans-serif typography was used to help create a modern and young look for the logo and overall brand.

Branding examples for this non-profit


Business cards created for non-profit

Orange colors were used to add vibrancy and add particular focus on the foundation’s main “human energy” interest. Geometric shapes representing connectivity and communication were important to the client and our suggestion of integrating a mesh of “nodes”, suggesting the interconnectivity between the foundation’s different concerns and different members, was well received.


We went on to expand on the logo with iconography for the four individual and immediate foundation concerns, heritage preservation, human energy, medical research and education.



Brand Style Guide

Bringing together colors, typography, iconography and the new logo, we delivered a Brand Style Guide to KFF for them to follow.

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