While the number of medicinal cannabis prescriptions continues to rise, medical doctors from Melbourne founded MediCannabis, a private clinic specialising in cannabis-based treatments. Tasked with branding the startup, Waqa Studios created an appropriately professional identity and went on to develop a website design that helped directed interested patients to the clinic.

Creating an identity for MediCannabis.

There was a lot of discussion on the topic of just how green the branding should be and how if we overuse the color we might fall into the trap of it being very cliché. While green was needed to emphasis the natural properties of the green plant in question, we decided, for reasons of differentiation with other brands, to use green as a major supporting color but not to overuse it.


A similar discussion ensued over the use of iconography shaped like a cannabis leaf. Iconic and instantly recognizable, the shape is a brand unto itself and we decided it was necessary. But, in order to distinguish our leaf from others, we adapted the shape to fit the typeface used in the logo, giving it a different and unique look.

The Logo.

The logo is comprised of an icon and the name of the business, MediCannabis. We integrated a typeface that feels both angular and organic. We feel the angled typography lends itself well to the concepts “science” and “professionalism” and away from some of the first, perhaps negative, connotations that might otherwise come to mind with “cannabis”. The modified cannabis leaf icon integrates well with the MediCannabis typeface as both are angular in nature.

These guys are great, really they are. I have a technology background and I gave them a hard time just to be sure they are up-to-scratch. Truth is, I work on A LOT of projects, and I work with LOTS of people, and when it comes to design or development these guys are the right choice. Mostly for the sheer quality of communication and understanding. They just get me. And, for a busy person such as myself, that’s just bliss.

David Habibi
General Manager, Pro Wellness Health Centre, Australia.

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