MSK Design Build is a design and build contracting company in the East Bay area of northern California. Tasked with rebuilding an outdated, underperforming and difficult to administer website, Waqa Studios completely restructured and rebuilt it as an advanced custom WordPress website with a new portfolio-focused structure.

Website Strategy and Structural Design.

The old website structure was confusing and difficult for MSK Design Build to manage and for potential customers to navigate. We created a category-focused portfolio based on the types of services offered (baths, kitchens, etc.) and the area/city the work was carried out. With portfolio projects categorized into these two groups it became easy for visitors to the website to browse projects that are relevant to them.

We added the ability to insert parts of the portfolio into other pages, such as pages detailing the specific types of services offered. This made it easy to provide access past projects and show galleries of work relevant to that page’s specific content.

Dynamic structure, clean design.

Built on a series of customizable blocks, standard pages were made to stand out with layouts that are enticing to look at but also present information clearly and cleanly.


Having ample examples of beautiful work in their portfolio, pages were designed to have large areas designated for photos.

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