Startup brands have the opportunity to jump ahead of well-establish competitors by being bold, new and different. With a fresh start and no prior preconceptions on the part of customers, you’ll have the opportunity to instant appear in poll position. But to do so, you’ll need a personality for your startup, a story.

We’re a species of storytellers. Since we learned to communicate around a campfire, our ancestors have always instantly paid attention to a narrative. If you have kids, you’ll recognise this natural ability too… if something is in story form, suddenly kids find it impossible to ignore. From cavemen to 21st parents, people have always understood the power of stories.

Taking advantage of a narrative in your branding comes as part and parcel of the branding process and its tangible deliverables like logos, colors, fonts, etc. Before we even begin looking at these, we first need to understand who you are, where you’ve come from, what you’re trying to solve, why and for whom. This will build out your values and purpose, which should then be infused throughout your business.

Storytelling in startup branding

Annett B.

Annett is Creative Director at Waqa Studios.