What can having a blog do for your business? Is it really worth investing the time and effort? Whether a small, medium or large business, there are 5 main reasons why your business needs a company blog.


Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog


5. Establish your company as a market expert

Is your company the best at what it does? Prove it! Demonstrating your market knowledge will cause customers to view your business as knowledgeable, expert and a great choice.


4. Building relationships with customers

Engage your customers in conversation, turning them into a thriving community is the ultimate aim. An honest, transparent and less formal engagement with ever-increasingly loyal customers couldn’t possibly be anything but great business practice.


3. Manage your company line

A blog is your company’s PR machine, use it to establish and manage your reputation and exhibit new products and services in detail. Link to these detailed blog posts from announcements on the main site while simultaneously pumping them out across the web.


2. Increase your reach and stay fresh

OK, maybe these are two reasons. Static content that rarely gets updated is a turn off in the fasted-paced dynamic world of Web2.0. Regular new content helps keep your site fresh while extending your reach – posts don’t just go away, they stick around in all sorts of places throughout the web.


1. Increase traffic – SEO is key

People aren’t the only ones who like lots of fresh content, search engines like Google do too. Don’t underestimate the huge benefits having a blog can brink to your page rank. Google will reward you for providing more content from them to index, and your work will pay off organically by having more results linking to somewhere in your site over more search times. More page views on your site means more opportunities to get new business.


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Stuart S.

Stuart is Technical Director and Managing Director at Waqa Studios.