Cliché time. An image tells a thousand words. If that’s true, and if most visitors to your website just don’t have as much time to read your amazing copy as you’d hope… then using images might just be the best way to convey your message, make a connection with your visitor, gain their trust and make them a customer.

Many companies spend untold hours and currency on copywriting, and that’s not a bad thing, it’s just that they don’t pay as much attention to photography, iconography, charts and graphs.


Images help break up long blocks of text

This gives your reader a chance to digest what you’re already said and give them a moment’s rest before they continue reading.

This image breaks up text.


Images help to build trust

Seeing is believing, so if you’re selling something tangible, you’d better have photos available at every angle. Not tangible? If you sell a service, you’re still not off the hook! Customers still want to visualize every aspect of what you do even if what you do isn’t very visual. Difficult for you to imagine? Perhaps you could engage a creative. But it must be done.

We show our end product. People prefer visual.


Images convey information faster

It can be tricky for your audience to take in every word of an explanation and understand it in the same way as the writer is trying to express it. More so if the topic is complex, numerical, or just new to your reader. Graphics, and taking the time to produce them for your website, is worthwhile, just as worthwhile as good copy. Don’t forgo the time and expense.

convey information

Change the context by influencing emotions

Text can sometimes be misinterpreted. You may have noticed this with a badly composed work email or a short WhatsApp message that the recipient thought meant something else. You probably know the feeling of having to add emojis to something you’ve written lest it be taken the wrong way. Images can lend support or change the context of a body of text. For example, if something is coming across too serious, add an image of something playful.


Whatever you do. Don’t ignore imagery.

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Stuart is Technical Director and Managing Director at Waqa Studios.