Every business is different. They have different audiences, different business models and different visions. Despite this, our clients come to us looking for one specific outcome… success.

Whether this success is seen through launching a brand, by building a buzz on social media, by launching a new website or by designing a product that sells, we still have to develop a plan of action to achieve this success.


That’s what we do. And the first stage is discovery.


The Discovery Phase of any new project is perhaps the most important. We take the time to understand the client’s market space and how they fit into it. We closely study their current customer profiles and any plans or desires to expand into new customer bases. We learn all we can about their competitors, direct and indirect and what they do to compete, what their unique selling point might be.

Once we understand the business inside and out (or as close as possible) we then ask the client what they want.


Now, what a client wants might differ greatly from what they need.


We’re both experts in our respective fields. They’re experts when it comes to their business – no-one knows nor can know more than the client about their own business. On the other hand we’re experts at implementing solutions in the digital space to solve problems they might be having.

Together we define a requirements specification document. For large projects this could be a large physical document, for small projects it could be notes relating to the investigation and checklist of requirements.

We think it’s important to orient clients towards what needs to be done to achieve the aims we’ve defined together.

Not every digital agency will take the time to understand a client’s business through a discovery phase or even offer consulting to guide the client towards a more successful way of doing things. Not every client understands the importance of someone understanding their business before providing an accurate estimate of timeframes and costs.


What does your business need?

Stuart S.

Stuart is Technical Director and Managing Director at Waqa Studios.