We almost always find ourselves building websites with WordPress. It’s something we recommended to small and medium businesses as a way to achieve powerful but easy-to-use Content Management System functionalities, but many clients are already aware of this and ask for it right from the requirements gathering stage of any new project.

Our original Inti framework (a WordPress parent theme used to provide the base functionality needed for every type of project so we can concentrate on only the custom parts) has been used in hundreds of websites over the last couple of years. It is jampacked full of code that makes client sites more functional and easier to manage. Inti mostly consists of backend functionality, which users are able to see when they log in to manage the system, and our developers would use to build out new site designs and new features. Here in the backend no wheels were reinvented, but the same could not be said for our custom frontend site designs.

Foundation 6 is a frontend framework that we and many others consider to be the best and most powerful framework in the world. It allows us to build custom designs faster and more efficiently, using processes that let us to spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time working on those elements that differentiate a client’s site from countless others.

And now Inti and Foundation are getting married.

We’ve completely rebuilt Inti from the ground up for WordPress 4.4 and beyond. To this solid backend, we’ve added Foundation for Sites 6 and its powerful frontend features.

We’re also releasing this combination to other developers to use in their projects for their customers in the hope that together we can take it from strength to strength.

Inti Foundation is available here as a free download as well as on GitHub.


Stuart S.

Stuart is Technical Director and Managing Director at Waqa Studios.