Planning to launch or re-launch your business with a new brand, website or marketing strategy?

You’ve probably given a lot of consideration to your market – who your ideal customers are, what their needs are and how what you offer fits into that.

But have you given any thought to when their demand is likely to peak?

Different businesses have different seasonal considerations they’ll need to build into their 12-month marketing plans. For some businesses the seasonal connection is really obvious. If you’re selling gift items in an online store then perhaps your peak demand will be seen in the run up to the holidays. If you run a lawn care company, you’ll probably get most of your new business in the summer months.

For other businesses, the connection to seasons might not be as clear. Coaches can see a massive upturn in demand for their services in January as people pledge to make changes in their lives in the New Year. People tend not to take many vacations in January and February, and if people are staying at home more, they might be more likely to eat out… and they might be already thinking head to summer vacation. If you own a restaurant or travel agency, will you see an upturn in New Year demand?

If you’re new to business be sure to research any seasonal demand in your industry and plan for it. If you’re already established and your seasonal demand is likely to peak in the next couple of months, make sure to take advantage.


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Stuart S.

Stuart is Technical Director and Managing Director at Waqa Studios.