Notice anything strange when visiting your website using Chrome from today? Used by half of all internet users, probably you too, Chrome has started prominently warning visitors if a website is insecure.

Is your website insecure?

According to Google it is if traffic between your visitor’s browser and your website isn’t encrypted. Encrypted web traffic is sent over HTTPS rather than HTTP, so if you’re not seeing an ‘S’ that’s why you’re seeing the ‘Not Secure’ warning.

Google is attempting to train web users to consider the lack of an SSL certificate, needed to validate HTTPS encryption, to mean a website might be unsafe or even dangerous. They do have a point considering the numerous phishing scams that exist. The HTTPS and accompanying verifiable SSL certificate – just a click away – can confirm you’re at the website of a legitimate business.

The problem for you, though still a legitimate business, is that you could now be scaring potential customers away.

There are other benefits too:

Improved ranking – Google rewards you with a higher page rank for keeping visitors safe
Security – your customer’s data is protected from hackers
Consumer confidence – you’re you good guy, potential clients will trust you more and make a purchase

Ready to secure your website?


Stuart S.

Stuart is Technical Director and Managing Director at Waqa Studios.